Brian Mitchell Car front
“Here’s some real data for you guys...the pulleys work well. I saw 3 psi more on the gear changes and 1 more total on what I thought was a slip-free belt program. The coating helps it grip the belt alot better than my old pulley, without shredding the belt. The fact that I run them should be proof enough but I have sold them to almost all the guys in the Renegade Class and they are still on the cars.. and we don’t run stuff that does not work.”

Brian Mitchell
2004, 2006, 2007 NMRA Renagade Champion
2003, 2004 WFC Renegade Champion

Brian runs a Vortec with an eight rib serpentine belt and a 2.8 Carbinite Pro-Grip pulley.
Carbinite Racing is a FAST Distributor. Call for info.