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Chassis Dynos

Couple a high HP car with worn knurls on a chassis dyno, and wheel spin can become a major problem leading to inaccurate results and safety hazards. Applying Carbinite’s tungsten carbide coating to your chassis dyno drums can eliminate these issues. Carbinite Coatings can more than double the coefficient of friction on chassis dyno metal surfaces. This drastically increases the dyno traction resulting in more accurate, consistent, and repeatable dyno readings.

The Carbinite Chassis Dyno Coating is applied on-site without drum removal to eliminate your downtime. Drums do not need to be balanced after coating.

The tungsten carbide is a long-lasting hardened material, metallurgically bonded to your chassis dyno drum. It is guaranteed to not crack, chip, or peel. It can be reapplied with no additional build up if necessary.

chassis dyno performance before and after Carbinite

customer feedback

Our dyno is performing flawlessly. We know that in its previous condition, tire slip was a big issue, and we have never had a problem with slippage from Day 1 with the Carbinite treatment. We are very satisfied customers!

Peter Treydte
Compliance Center Manager
Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA)