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Supercharger Pulleys

All serpentine belt drives suffer from some amount of slippage and loss, amplified by smaller snub pulleys, limited wrap angles, and 6 or 8 rib drives. Carbinite Racing Solutions’ unique textured coating provides optimal grip for serpentine belt systems, reducing or eliminating belt slippage.

Why Use Carbinite Racing Solutions Pulley Coating?

◊ The textured carbide coating is metallurgically bonded to your pulley, and is guaranteed not to chip, flake or peel.

◊ The texture is optimized for grip and belt life.

◊ There is no need for rib conversion, or for a cog set-up.

◊ The coating can be applied to all serpentine applications from street cars to race cars, as well as to marine pulleys.

◊ You may see an improvement in your boost level.
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what will happen to my pulley?

Ready to Get Your Pulley Coated?


◊ NO pulleys will be accepted without payment in advance. Please follow the link below to the Order Form. For your convenience and security, payment will be processed through PayPal. We will send you a verification once your payment has been received. Our standard turnaround is 3 business days from the time your pulley arrives at Carbinite Racing Solutions.